15 April, 2017

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Oh thanks God, must have heard when I prayed cause now I always want to feel this way. Amazing day.

03 April, 2017

Chill at Real Coast & Surf

If you're after for a raw fun on the beach then Real Coast & Surf is absolutely the best place for those who are up for adventures. This place is filled with water activities where you can skim, surf or go to the nearest falls for cliff diving. It's such a perfect place for a quick weekend beach trip!

06 February, 2017

Chasing The Enchanted Bukal Falls

Bukal Falls is hidden at the foot of Mt. Banahaw that is enclosed with mossy boulders and luscious forest. A total must-see beauty of Laguna that sometimes we tend to forget that there are wonders near our own backyard. We look too far that we didn't even realize the beauty of our own neighborhood. Until now I couldn't believe that northerners have their own miniature version of Surigao's Enchanted River. It was really enchanting that we all must discover. I've never seen such a thing in my life before! Surreal indeed.

26 November, 2016

Beach Glamping At Crystal Beach Resort

I was itching for a birthday getaway for myself because after all the things I've gone through this year I deserve a break. And speaking of a trip I was so glad that I come across blogs about Crystal Beach Resort. I immediately planned it and tagged my boyfriend and his friends for this birthday treat. It was such a wonderful place to relax and beaches never fail to calm my nerves. 

09 November, 2016

Birthdate at Rustic Mornings

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is situated in a narrow street near the Our Lady of Abandoned Church. It was a hidden gem that you don't want to leave yet and spend the rest of your day with. The restaurant has it all aside from the homey vibe and dainty interiors the food not just looks glorious but also great too! Al fresco style restaurants are kind of appealing to me lately because who wouldn't be mesmerized in a peaceful haven with colorful shabby chic pieces of furniture and birds chirping around in the morning? :)