05 November, 2011


I'm really into blogging before, Friendster or even Multiply days pa not to mention Tumblr and Facebook's notes. I stop blogging because I don't have time doing it or should I say "I have time but I don't know how I can publish it." All the blogs that I made are just sitting right there in my drafts and notepads staying Unpublished. My mindset is like Gurkin's (one of the 7 dorks in Sydney White movie) point of view "It's not about being read. It's about being written." well maybe that is why I don't like to publish it. One of the reasons why I tried to create this account and post this one is because I was so inspired by my long time blogger friend Janelle Pingol. It made me feel that who cares if no one reads it. It's about stepping out on the shadows of my drafts. My goal is not to inspire anyone because I admit I'm not that good, yeah! I know! My point here is I just wanted to overshare my life (if anyone's interested), my odd ramblings, some of my adventures and experiences in life. By this medium, I will be able to express myself and this time I need to get out of my closet and say the things that I wanna say.This will serve as my online diary. 
 I know this account will surely be my best friend for life.