11 January, 2013

14 Four Cafe

Since the day I visited this cafe I've been dying to blog about how cozy it is. It took three months for me before I finally publish my blog about it. Rapsa Store is one of my tambayan when I was in college (Siena College is just two streets away from the cafe) and you can see the Red Abstract House when you're outside the store, and it's been four years of wondering what's in there. It was sometime in October when I saw my friend's blog and my colleague's posts about the cafe. I was so surprised when I saw the picture of the house/cafe and I'm like "Hey! I know that place!" So what I did is that I research about the cafe and even ask my college friend (also residing near the cafe) about it and again, I was surprised that he doesn't even know a thing about it. When I finally have all the information that I need, I told my cousins (since we are all coffee addict) about the place. Because I was too excited to go there, I forgot to contact them for reservations  (which is recommended) good thing they still accommodates us. 14 Four Cafe was named after the street number of the house. And the showroom they called it Sticks and Design which is I-cant-believe-how-beautiful-the-interior-was. What I enjoyed the most was the Powder Room and obviously, I don't have pictures of it. To be honest, I don't have enough pictures of the place so just to complete this post, I grab some on their Facebook page. 

Patio Area

Since their Dining room is fully booked we took our sits to the Patio Area. The place is very mellow and I really can't explain the feeling of how the ambiance gave good vibes to me. But I'm a bit disappointed with the service, it took one hour before they serve our orders because they admit that they were really not into Walk-In customers which I do understand because I know it was my fault. That's why Reservations is strongly recommended. So while waiting for our orders we tried to check out the Sticks and Design. 
Here are some of the pics that I took from my mobile. 

This mirror is incredibly huge!

The foods are Two-Thumbs-Up-And-Eight-Other-Fingers for me! Not that pricey because it complements the place. Too sad, I'm not able to capture all the moments of our stay there. Since we really enjoyed the foods (also don't have pictures of it) I'm pretty sure that we're going back to this "Secret Cafe" so see you soon 14 Four! :) 

Visit them: 144 Magnolia Lane, Gregoria Heights Subdivision, Brgy San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal
Contact them: 0999-888-0144
Follow them: https://twitter.com/14FourCafe (they follow back!)