04 January, 2013

New Year: It Ain't The End Of The World

That's the worst apocalypse ever right? But still, 2012 is a great year for me. This is how we celebrate the New Year's Eve and it took almost 6 months to plan this Mobile Bar for a perfect party. To start this one here's our yummy foods that night.

These yummy nachos with olives.

Add this so creamy cheese. 

Freshen up with this melon.

Hototay and yes you're right seeing those cute angry birds.

This Maki mix up add this wasabi paste.

Every holiday these desserts will always be present.

My favorite Ate Leah's special spaghetti with corn and mushroom.

Last but not the least is the Orange Chicken.

So lets the party started with this Infinite Shots awesome cocktails that they offered.The "Drinks of the Night" ooohhh lovin these awesome shooters!

With all those colors, how can you resist them?

Dance the night away live your life and stay on the floor.

The face! Singing "Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you!"

The whole family took a shot of the famous "Flaming Shots" which will really burn you inside.

This is how we love the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. Kuya made a customized shirt for us "What is your safe word?" 

Let's get legalized! yiheee! Finally with my so reddish boyfie. :D

  Nothing can ever replace this Family. :)

Party like it is the end of the world. Looking for what's gonna happen to our 2013. Another chapter of our book so go ahead and enjoy writing on the pages of your story. Always remember LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.