10 January, 2013

Garden In The Sky

Here's for our adventure to Tam-Awan Village which I don't have an idea that it will be a rocky mini-mountain. Thought that because from the name itself is just an Igorots Village with some native huts and artifacts. So I just wear my comfy sandals that are obviously inappropriate for the place. Never thought that it will be 30 minutes of hiking.
 I didn't trust the map so we just follow the trail and I suspect that we were lost. Haha! 
You can see this on the right side of the entrance.

This hut is for rent and we encountered some that are occupied. 

I thought my trusty sandals will give up on me. I felt so dizzy while crossing this tiki bamboo bridge. 

On the map, it says that there is a big dream catcher, however, this is what's at the peak of the village. 
Guess it's ruined by some typhoon.

See the fog? Feels like Edward Cullen will show up. haha!

It is prohibited to take pictures inside this hut but sorry I'm not aware hehe!

Jordan Mang Osan Tapey.

Though it's very tiring I still enjoyed the trails of the village and how we scream and shout every time we tripped off. Once you visit Baguio City add this up to your itineraries, and see how beautiful it is. 
It's more fun in the Philippines!