25 May, 2013

Dress Saves The Day

Because hashtag OOTD  is what I am seeing on my news feed, I'm going to post about what I wore for our Furious 6 movie date. :)
I don't consider myself as fashionable, all I want is to be comfortable with what I am wearing. Earlier, I dive into a pile of clothes but still can't find anything that suits my "taste buds." I was thinking about something girly and boyish at the same time. Ok fine! My clothes or even shorts won't fit me anymore! :( Good thing I have this little dress that has been stuck in my closet for months now.
Dress always saves me from nothing to wear. 

I bought this dress from Just G and it's kinda special to me because it was my man's personal choice. I'm a bit conservative so I match it up with a navy blue boyfriend's polo. 

 Every time I wear a dress, I don't wear too many accessories. Watch and a simple earring would be fine. 

So my boyfriend was a bit angry because I'm late and I still manage to take a picture just for the sake of the #OOTD. :) 
Dress: Just G.
Polo: The Mall.
Watch: Tomato.
Bag: Satchel Glam
Sandals: Janilyn