11 July, 2013

Boyfriend Tips: What to do when you get one.

I've been so sensitive lately and my boyfriend starts to annoy my attitude. Not to mention my PMS days because he understands how hard is that part. We all know that Men are from Mars as Women are from Venus. We are all aliens from the opposite sex.

10 July, 2013

Heavenly Wings And Burgers

(c) Heavenly Wings and Burger's Facebook page
After mass, my boyfriend and I want to eat "Tapsilog" so we went to the famous tapsilugan in the avenue of Taytay Rizal, as we pass by I saw the cafe in the carwash. I've heard the cafe before but it just that I wasn't that interested to check on it. I'm a sucker for burgers so I told my boyfriend to try it out. Heavenly Wings and Burger opened last December 2011. They offer burger, pasta, and chicken which was my all time favorites, so I kinda felt like a critic that night.