11 July, 2013

Boyfriend Tips: What to do when you get one.

I've been so sensitive lately and my boyfriend starts to annoy my attitude. Not to mention my PMS days because he understands how hard is that part. We all know that Men are from Mars as Women are from Venus. We are all aliens on the opposite sex. I want to understand how a man thinks and how I can avoid the attitude that my man would definitely hate. A little help from a guy's point of view will keep the relationship going. As I check on all of my magazines, I saw this article from Candyman section on my Candy Mag July 2007 ish. I've been a candy girl when I was still a teen and I was so amazed that this magazine still helps me when it comes to my problems. I guess this is "The best-est friend you'll ever have!" I'm going to post the article so I can check it whenever I want without having to carry the whole magazine with me. Forgive me for doing this. :) 

 This is really a BIG help for us girls! :)