10 July, 2013

Heavenly Wings And Burgers

(c) Heavenly Wings and Burger's Facebook page
After mass, my boyfriend and I want to eat "Tapsilog" so we went to the famous tapsilugan in the avenue of Taytay Rizal, as we pass by I saw the cafe in the carwash. I've heard the cafe before but it just that I wasn't that interested to check on it. I'm a sucker for burgers so I told my boyfriend to try it out. Heavenly Wings and Burger opened last December 2011. They offer burger, pasta, and chicken which was my all time favorites, so I kinda felt like a critic that night.

I ordered their Bacon and Mushroom burger. The bun is like a pandesal which made it look so yummy and guess I'm right. It was so awesomely delicious! First I thought that the chips are V-cut but it's not. 

And for the drink, they offer these sodas with 2 colors, Red, and Blue dose so I ordered the red one. As I check on their menu they also offer a lemongrass cooler and I wanna try it soon.

I promise to go back and try out some of their mouth watering specialties. 
Try this and see for yourself! Located at 44 Rizal Avenue Taytay Rizal. :)