09 November, 2013

How Do You Blue?

Have you heard the contest of Gap called "How do you blue?" No, I didn't join the contest I just love their tagline because it matches my outfit haha. I am deeply and passionately in love with blue nowadays. Because of my addiction to blues, here's an outfit post for you, yes you, because you're here lurking on my page haha! Kidding! Here are some outtakes of what I wore on my Pre-Birthday Celebration.

Birthdate ♥

I know catastrophe struck our nation but this super typhoon Yolanda can't stop me from celebrating my birthday. I'm a bit disappointed because of the weather but I still thank God that our date still turned out fine. I know I was kinda insensitive on that part (shame on me!) but please don't get me wrong I'm still praying and hoping that this will end soon. Kapit lang Pilipinas!

01 November, 2013


It's been too long and I'm lost without you. Haha! I'm totally singing the "I miss you" song while working on this entry. Long time no blog again, and I definitely missed this! Nine... Hmmm why nine?  Because 9 days from now I'm turning 19! Hahaha! Please don't ask!! I'm just 19 ok?! :) Alpakapamuks! No, really I'm turning 25 a few days from now and I can't believe that. Way back in my tween years I thought that I will get married at the age of 25 but thinking about the thought of being 25 is somewhat like 'still young' I still have lot more things to do and to achieve. Anyhoooo I have 9 rants or should I say 9 things I've learned and realized before I turn 25. Lessons in life that I should have known or "applied" from the day I was born. :)))