09 November, 2013

Birthdate ♥

I know catastrophe struck our nation but this super typhoon Yolanda can't stop me from celebrating my birthday. I'm a bit disappointed because of the weather but I still thank God that our date still turned out fine. I know I was kinda insensitive on that part (shame on me!) but please don't get me wrong I'm still praying and hoping that this will end soon. Kapit lang Pilipinas!

30 minutes from now I'm turning 25 and for the last hour of my 24th, my man made me so happy. I'm not a fancy-dates-flowers type of girl but he knows how to tickle my kiligity bones. :) Last year he promised that we will both go to 14 Four Cafe. It's a secret haven in the vicinity of Taytay Rizal. Too sad because of the weather the patio area is closed, I'm actually up to the place and not for the food though. I thought that we will cancel our reservations and plan to move it to another day, good thing the sky calms down. The first time I've been here, I automatically fell in love with the place and I really love the relaxing mellow ambiance of it. My boyfriend didn't see how cozy it was, blame it on the weather! Anyway, there's so many next time for us. 

I love this zebra print on their wall.

Doodles in the bathroom.

How will I ever forget to take a #mirrorselfie? haha!

While waiting for our foods we took advantage of taking pictures.

Here comes the food! The zero fat drink which is water haha and Calamansi Iced tea. The kitchen is already closed at 9 pm and it's not their usual closing time, I guess it's because of the not-so-good weather.

For him: 14 Four Tapa.

 Pumpkin soup.

For me: Aligue and Tuyo Pasta with a pinch of citrus.

(c) Ralph Cruz

We can conquer even the stormiest weather. :)
I'm the happiest girl alive. Happy Birthday to meeeee!