09 November, 2013

How Do You Blue?

Have you heard the contest of Gap called "How do you blue?" No, I didn't join the contest I just love their tagline because it matches my outfit haha. I am deeply and passionately in love with blue nowadays. Because of my addiction to blues, here's an outfit post for you, yes you, because you're here lurking on my page haha! Kidding! Here are some outtakes of what I wore on my Pre-Birthday Celebration.

(c) Ralph Cruz

The outfit is not appropriate for this gloomy weather but I don't care it's my birthday, I can wear anything I want. :) Thank you for taking your time reading my blog. Feeling may reader sorry! :))

Cardigan: Just G
Top and Skater Skirt: Ohkaygandaboutique 
(I think I'm secretly promoting the shop? haha)
Bag: Satchel Glam
Flats: St. Francis Square