28 December, 2013

Christmas Eve

My family was not the kind who celebrate Christmas Eve or as what Filipinos like us called it Noche Buena. But this time since my aunt just got home from the land down under, we need to wait until the midnight strikes to greet each other a Merry Christmas. Of course, we all know what this day means, let's not all forget that this is when Jesus Christ our Savior was born. :)
Happy Christmas everyone!

My Tita cooked her Aussie specialties. :)

She also takes an effort to buy Christmas decors and red/green with a Merry Christmas print t-shirts just for this eve. :) 

I love this shot. I can feel the mellow ambiance and the Christmas spirit. 

Even Keichie and Ziggy our lazy dogs got their Santa Claus's outfit. Such a cutie!

Celebrating Christmas with your whole family is priceless. :)
That's all! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! :)