22 December, 2013

La Vie Est Belle

La Vie est belle is a French word which means "Life is beautiful." Indeed it is. You can always see this words to all of my social media accounts, I even make this as a cover photo on my facebook account. I'm kinda addicted to French words since I was a toddler LOL.
 Aside from Audrey Hepburn's "Happy girls are the prettiest" quote, this one is my favorite. I always apply this coz no matter how many times life knocks me down, I always fall into this phrase. So sad to hear some people will end their lives because they thought that ending it will make a difference. Well, obviously it wouldn't. It will only make things worst. Sappy! Sometimes the problem is people's attitude towards the problems. Problema na nga pproblemahin pa di ba? Haha. Don't stress yourself too much over the things you can't control.
(My parents should be proud of me because I learned a lot from Twitter LOL) 
Like what Riri said, "Life is too short to be sittin' round miserable." (Cheers to the freakin' weekend, let's drink to that yeah yeah.) *on repeat haha.
Just simply live it. :) There's more to life if we just live it in a positive way. 
Again "La vie est belle." Life is too beautiful to be wasted. :)

So to stop myself from non-sense rants about someone else's life that shouldn't be my business in the first place, here's a not so outfit post saying "Life is beautiful." :)
(I'm gonna say Life is beautiful as much as I want coz that's what my entry is all about haha.) 
Wore this on our Batangas escapade.

(c) To my boyfieee Ralph Cruz

I just have to include this photo because I feel so pretty here haha! GGSS LOL. And by the way, I'm kinda tired of hearing people saying I'm fat or I gained weight. I.M.N.O.T.F.AT hahaha. I'll promise to go on a diet after this holidays haha.

That's all, much love from the Happiest and the prettiest girl in my own world LOL. :)