11 January, 2014

On Denim

I was literally lazy about dressing up nowadays, don't feel like putting on too many accessories or wearing some kind of trendy stuff. But still, I wanted to share some of my not-so outfit posts because I just want to. :p The weather is changing a bit roughly, from rainy to freezing and summery kind of weather rolled into one month. Define Global warming? LOL And actually that's the main reason why I'm kind of lazy to dress-up. Anyway, before I go beyond discussing the climate change or whatever that is atmosphere is concerned, here's what I wore on our last day in Baguio City. Because I'm in love with this denim polo I'll wear it over and over again until the color fades haha!

I like the boyish-girlish look as always, because I know I'm a bit conservative. Naks haha! Have a great day everyone! :)