23 December, 2015

Shake It Off!

And haters gonna hate. hate. hate. hate. 
Baby I'm just gonna shake. shake. shake. shake. 
Shake it off, shake it off! ♪♫

12 December, 2015

Oh My Gulay!

With all the scenic views Baguio City has to offer restaurants and cafes are also sprouting all over the city. And now I know why a lot of bloggers and tourists are raving about Oh My Gulay. Aside from its enticing decors they also offer good food for vegetarians. So if you're a health conscious type of person then this place is for you.

08 December, 2015

Baguio City: Forks Weather

I'll never get tired of visiting Baguio City, there's something about the serenity and the cold weather that makes me adore the place even more. We've got a weekend impromptu trip to Baguio courtesy of our ever generous boss and we stayed in Camp John Hay for two days. Though I've been to most of the place there for so many times, I still enjoyed it as if it was my first time.

25 November, 2015

It's Called La Luz Baby!

(I can't believe that I totally forgot to post our trip to San Juan Batangas last May.) 
While everyone is spending their Labor Day in "Laboracay," my cousins and I spend it downtown. Batangas is one of the top destination every summer because it's just a 3-4 hours drive from Manila and several resorts in San Juan Laiya is popular because of its white sand. Not finest as Boracay and Coron though, but man! talking about white sand right? 

10 November, 2015

Birthdate At Little House Of Cheesecakes And More

"Eating and Reading are two pleasure that combine admirably." - C.S Lewis

Yesterday was my actually my birthday and I took advantage of it to have a break from work. Ralph and I decided to celebrate it alone (cos I already celebrate it with my family the other night) so we can have at least a decent date for my birthday. At the last minute I still can't think of any place we could go and LHCM has been on my mind lately and for boasting reviews and blogs about it why not give this cafe a shot. I've been to several coffee shops already but what interests me more about this place is because it's jam-packed with books. Books are top of my most favorite thing in the universe and I was so glad to tell you that their foods are named after famous authors and well  -  books.

09 November, 2015

On Her 27th

"I love the way she survived. Survival looked good on her. There were no dark marks under her eyes. Maybe deep inside, but I like the way she looked through them and laughed at life. She did it gracefully. She walked over glass and through fire but still smiled. And, honestly, I’m not interested in people who haven’t lived and died a few times. Who haven’t yet had their heart ripped out, or know what it feels like to lose everything. I trust those people because they stand for something. I knew what she’d been through. I wanted to thank her for surviving. And her to know that she had someone willing to stand with her too."
— J.Raymond

26 October, 2015

Maginhawa Foodtrip: The Iscreamist

Our second stop. Iscreamist. It was a bit overrated because of its unique concept. I've been wanting to go here for the longest time but wasn't able to because of the queues. They relocated already and the place has a room for more customers, compared to its old place that can only accommodate 15 persons so you have to wait for hours outside just to try it. But still, expect for long lines.

Maginhawa Foodtrip: Gerry's Jeepney

This is actually my second time in here but it was my first time to try Gerry's Jeepney. My former teammates and I have been planning to have a small get together since uhhmm... 3 years I think? Haha yes, that long and finally natuloy na din kame sa wakas! So we planned to go to Tagaytay but for some circumstances, we ended up in Maginhawa St. We go to U.P Diliman first and then headed to this restaurant.

19 October, 2015

Prime Of Life

I still don't know what am I up to at this point of my life. Girls with the same age as mine or even younger than me are living their prime already and I was like "meh".  I still don't have any idea about my future!

09 August, 2015

Costa Coffee #LondonStyle

Costa Coffee is the No. 1 Coffee chain in the UK and now it finally arrives here in the Philippines. It opens last June 29 in Eastwood City and from that day I've been bugging my boyfie to go here and it happens of course! :) I was suspended last Tuesday because of my lates ugh gosh I hate traffics! (Please don't be like me haha!) 

07 August, 2015

Monte Café

"Sleep is for the weak, go on a coffee streak."
 Searching for a hole in the wall became our habit and Antipolo City is our top destination because driving up to this hill is such an easy-peasy for us. This place become our sweet escape cause it lets you breathe and appreciate the simplest things life has to offer.

01 July, 2015

Morning Date At Eggs For Breakfast Cafe

Photo from Eggs For Breakfast Facebook Account

Sunday is my favorite day cause it's my only rest day haha! I can do a lot of things like staying up late on a Saturday night, lunch with my family, quality time with my boyfriend and I can have breakfast without even rushing.

25 June, 2015

The Bang Cafe

 Of all the meals "Merienda" is something that I'll never forget to skip, my day wouldn't be complete if I'll never have one. Ralph has been asking me to try "The Bang Cafe" cause his niece told him that it's good and it was Independence Day when I finally agreed (not too late).

13 June, 2015

Cafe Caudal

And "The Misadventures of the Hungry Tummies" (the album name of our food journey on my Facebook account that wasn't meant to be uploaded coz my phone memory is getting full already haha!) goes on. Thank God for Sundays like this. :)

04 June, 2015

Crepe Man Cafe

I love sweets so much that if you cut my body in half all the sugar will come out haha! Kidding!  Anyway, I've been craving for desserts the past days and as on my way home, my boyfriend pointed a huge Crepeman signboard and my eyes twinkle like a star!! It's an advantage for me coz it's not in the crazy street of Maginhawa in QC it opens in Cainta recently and for sure I'll try this out!

27 May, 2015

Caffe Piansa

I know you guys are already familiar with Caffe Piansa because it has been featured on several T.V shows already. It's been sitting on my must-try-list for a couple of months but don't have much time and too lazy to go to haha!

15 April, 2015

Blake's Wings & Steaks

After watching Fast and Furious 7 I got so emotional because of the ending so I wanted to eat steak! (Anong konek?) My best friend posted a photo of this place and of course I trust her taste buds so I tried this as well. A steak for a reasonable price is just so perf!

14 April, 2015

One Swiss Day at Vieux Chalet

Vieux Chalet (means old cottage) is a Swiss Restaurant that's perfectly situated at the mountain top of Antipolo City. Yup! I'm a bit invading Antips lately. :) Although it runs for 30 years already it's still one of the best-kept secret of the city, well thanks to Zomato App for introducing this hidden gem. :)

27 February, 2015

Frank and Charles

Who would have thought that I'm going to find another hidden gem near the vicinity? I just recently found out about this when I'm searching the internet for some restaurants or food chains in Rizal, I'm going to explore my mainland first before going in the metro. And since it's near my best friend's home, I'm going to put it on my list.  Of course, my hungry tummy would die if I wouldn't be able to taste the foods they offer especially BURGERS!

26 February, 2015

Art In Island

If you wanted to experience a whole lot of fun might as well try this Art In Island it's a 3D  Art museum that opens last December 25, 2014,and in just a few months it's gaining popularity already and it's the largest here in Asia can I just tell you that.  Ever since it opened I've been dying to visit this unique museum it is where you can literally interact with the paintings, unlike the ordinary museum that you're not allowed to touch the masterpiece. It's where you can do hilarious poses and enjoy every single of artwork.

20 February, 2015

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens And Spa

We've been thinking of how we can celebrate our third year anniversary and my boyfriend wanted to travel somewhere but I couldn't because of my work schedules. One of my new year's resolutions that include of going elsewhere at least once a month was also a bit hard for me to keep. That’s why I’m so fed-up and tired because I only got one day of rest and I've been thinking of how the hell I can travel if I only got 24 hours to spend?

06 February, 2015

On Our Third Year

How time flies so fast and I can't believe that it's been three years already and up to now I can still remember down to the smallest details on how we met again. I really can't thank God enough for giving me this wonderful blessing.

25 January, 2015

Pinto Art Museum

Tucked in the trees and hills of Antipolo City is an art gallery that most of us Rizaleños are not even aware of. I took advantage of the holiday to go out with my boyfriend but not the usual kind of date like watching movies or so and I think going to Pinto Art Museum would be a brilliant idea.

18 January, 2015

Truer Than True

Hey! Hey! It's been a long time my dear page and I missed you so badly! I've been away from you for a couple of months or should I say almost a year?! Ugh! Really? That long? WOW. Anyway, because I'm too busy with my life right now trying to figure everything out. Planning things for my future and so. Too busy with my new work as well with 12 hours a day of work. Yeah, 12 hours! I'm quite whining though haha! So this entry isn't about my new life or work or whatso! Uhmm just can't think of any sensible entry. (As if my previous post have sense naman haha!) Anyhooo I just wanted to share some random facts about me, since it's "Uso" might as well give it a try hehe!