25 January, 2015

Pinto Art Museum

Tucked in the trees and hills of Antipolo City is an art gallery that most of us RizaleƱos are not even aware of. I took advantage of the holiday to go out with my boyfriend but not the usual kind of date like watching movies or so and I think going to Pinto Art Museum would be a brilliant idea.

18 January, 2015

Truer Than True

Hey! Hey! It's been a long time my dear page and I missed you so badly! I've been away from you for a couple of months or should I say almost a year?! Ugh! Really? That long? WOW. Anyway, because I'm too busy with my life right now trying to figure everything out. Planning things for my future and so. Too busy with my new work as well with 12 hours a day of work. Yeah, 12 hours! I'm quite whining though haha! So this entry isn't about my new life or work or whatso! Uhmm just can't think of any sensible entry. (As if my previous post have sense naman haha!) Anyhooo I just wanted to share some random facts about me, since it's "Uso" might as well give it a try hehe!