25 January, 2015

Pinto Art Museum

Tucked in the trees and hills of Antipolo City is an art gallery that most of us RizaleƱos are not even aware of. I took advantage of the holiday to go out with my boyfriend but not the usual kind of date like watching movies or so and I think going to Pinto Art Museum would be a brilliant idea.

I saw this museum from a blog Things to do in Antipolo. Since we’re just from Cainta, going to Antipolo would be a piece of cake. We just ride a UV with Antipolo Simbahan signboard and we asked the driver to drop us off to Ynares Center then we took a tricycle that brought us to the museum and for 40 pesos we got there in no time. I’ve been to several museums already and for no reason, I’m really fascinated with different kinds of artworks and artifacts. And I can stare at it without getting bored, it kinda hypnotizes me. LOL. Now next to AERA Museum (located at Villa Escudero), Pinto Art Museum is now my second favorite. 

As we got there their staff accompanied us to the front desk and we paid for 150 pesos each for the entrance. Once we step our foot on it I was in awe, the place was so light and wide. It’s really a huge place and even though we got there early in the afternoon it's still cool because the place is surrounded by trees and lush of greens. The lawn was so breathtakingly beautiful and relaxing. 


There are old timbers, and the structure itself really looks like Santorini. So I think they nailed the Mediterranean-inspired theme! But honestly, I can’t put into words of what I experienced there. It’s such a wonderful place to hang out and chill.

We spend almost 4 hours without getting bored, taking pictures everywhere and sitting on every chair and couches in every corner of the area.   

Probably the largest painting I've ever seen.

We are the kids that your parents warned you about.

Selvie! Hahaha!

The "Disappearing Man"


Little Prince? Nope. It's "Scapular's Promise."


I am nothing without you.

This one is made of papers. 

And all of my solo pics haha!

Pinto Art Museum
1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Height Subdivision, Antipolo City.
Contact Number: 697-1015
Entrance Fee: 
150 pesos (Adult)
120 pesos (Senior Citizen)
75 pesos (Student)