18 January, 2015

Truer Than True

Hey! Hey! It's been a long time my dear page and I missed you so badly! I've been away from you for a couple of months or should I say almost a year?! Ugh! Really? That long? WOW. Anyway, because I'm too busy with my life right now trying to figure everything out. Planning things for my future and so. Too busy with my new work as well with 12 hours a day of work. Yeah, 12 hours! I'm quite whining though haha! So this entry isn't about my new life or work or whatso! Uhmm just can't think of any sensible entry. (As if my previous post have sense naman haha!) Anyhooo I just wanted to share some random facts about me, since it's "Uso" might as well give it a try hehe!

1. My name is Chim and that's it! Okay, this is the very first question people always ask me. And I'm kind of tired explaining. :) It's supposed to be "Agatha Christine" nice no? But.... my dad is really an interloper when it comes to making decisions. He took advantage of my still-groggy-mom so he can change my name. My name is too long for my surname daw so he changed it to a one syllable name CHIM and where the heck it came from? He doesn't even know as well.  So yeah that's my dad haha!

2. I'm really a coffee-addict. But not that Starbucks-kind-of-addict. Any coffee even the 3 in 1 will do. :) I just can't start my day without sipping a cup of coffee. :)

3. I love to collect books. I'm really not satisfied with e-books. Though I already read a novel from e-books a couple of times I still buy a hard copy. (So many books, So little time.)

4. I fell in love with witchcraft since I was in sixth grade or maybe after watching "The Craft" movie. I tried one spell before and seriously it fvking (sorry for cursing) worked! So beware lol!

5. When I was a kid I love to play alone, and my mom was really freaked about it because she thinks I'm a weirdo. No mom I'm a creep haha!

6. I'm really not into sports that's why I often play outside. But hey don't get me wrong I still have those times that I played patintero, piko, chinese garter, block 123. Buuuut it's just really not my thing. :)

7. I'm clumsy that's why I don't play sporty kind of thang! :D

8. I love Audrey Hepburn but I haven't watched any of her films haha! I just love her looks and quotes and everything about her. (E Bakit ba?)

9. I don't like CAT. I don't hate them, I'm just scared of them.

10. I'm lazy. (NO further explanation for this haha!)

11. I love to sing, especially in the shower or videoke hehe.

12. Aside from my room, the bathroom is my second favorite part of our house. It's where I can find inner peace. (Shala! My ganun pa haha!)

13. I always been misunderstood and misjudged because of the expression of my eyes and face and sometimes I don't even know why. But some people told me that I always have that "if only looks could kill" and resting b*tch face that's why people who don't know me are so intimidated and thinks that I'm well... b*tch and sometimes I think I really am. Haha! But honestly, I'm really not that mean and people who got the chance to get to know me always say that I'm far from what they thought of me the first time and I think that's the good part. :)

14. They say I'm SNOB. But I'm just not really that first-one-to-greet-type-of-person.

15. I'm not a friendly person but it doesn't mean that I'm not easy to befriend with. 

16. I often talk but when I started talking, I'll talk and talk and talk and talk.

17. When I was a kid I wanted to be a pre-school teacher because I love Ms. Honey (Matilda's Teacher) and then I realized that I don't have patience with kids. So I changed path haha!

18. I'm a sucker for raw foods.

19. I have lots of mood swings haha. Like I care?

20. And lastly I'm grouchy, ill-tempered, grumpy, cranky or whatever word that is best to describe me. Yup, I'm too masungit hehe! I really don't know why but that's me, you can hate me forever but again LIKE I CARE!! :)