27 February, 2015

Frank and Charles

Who would have thought that I'm going to find another hidden gem near the vicinity? I just recently found out about this when I'm searching the internet for some restaurants or food chains in Rizal, I'm going to explore my mainland first before going in the metro. And since it's near my best friend's home, I'm going to put it on my list.  Of course, my hungry tummy would die if I wouldn't be able to taste the foods they offer especially BURGERS!

26 February, 2015

Art In Island

If you wanted to experience a whole lot of fun might as well try this Art In Island it's a 3D  Art museum that opens last December 25, 2014,and in just a few months it's gaining popularity already and it's the largest here in Asia can I just tell you that.  Ever since it opened I've been dying to visit this unique museum it is where you can literally interact with the paintings, unlike the ordinary museum that you're not allowed to touch the masterpiece. It's where you can do hilarious poses and enjoy every single of artwork.

20 February, 2015

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens And Spa

We've been thinking of how we can celebrate our third year anniversary and my boyfriend wanted to travel somewhere but I couldn't because of my work schedules. One of my new year's resolutions that include of going elsewhere at least once a month was also a bit hard for me to keep. That’s why I’m so fed-up and tired because I only got one day of rest and I've been thinking of how the hell I can travel if I only got 24 hours to spend?

06 February, 2015

On Our Third Year

How time flies so fast and I can't believe that it's been three years already and up to now I can still remember down to the smallest details on how we met again. I really can't thank God enough for giving me this wonderful blessing.