26 February, 2015

Art In Island

If you wanted to experience a whole lot of fun might as well try this Art In Island it's a 3D  Art museum that opens last December 25, 2014,and in just a few months it's gaining popularity already and it's the largest here in Asia can I just tell you that.  Ever since it opened I've been dying to visit this unique museum it is where you can literally interact with the paintings, unlike the ordinary museum that you're not allowed to touch the masterpiece. It's where you can do hilarious poses and enjoy every single of artwork.

 I told my cousin the night before to charge her SLR and put the memory card on and the next day I didn't even check if the memory card was there. As were about to go out of the car I realized that the memory card was nowhere to be seen argh! Good thing I have my iPhone fully charged and wanted to throw the SLR to my cousin's face thinking that she sabotaged our trip, tsk that big mouth! (Lol just kidding! She's just as forgetful as I am haha!) And actually, I blamed my boyfriend because he didn't even remind me about the memory card and that's his fault hahaha!

So anyway we came early in the afternoon and It's holiday so the museum is jam packed and I'm a bit shy to do crazy poses because there are lots of people and it's really annoying ugh! So that's a tip though don't dare to go on weekends or holidays.

There are photo points on the floor where it leads you on how to get the right angle to get the perfect picture.

The Aqua Zone. 

The drunk mermaid. I heard some people laugh because of this hahaha! 

The Animal Zone. 

The Masterpiece Zone. Of all the zones this is where we enjoyed the most.

I'm really as happy as a kid. :) 

Europe Zone

Get out of my boat!! 

Love Zone. 

Christmas Zone

I also like warm hugs, Olaf. 

Fantasy Zone

There are so many pictures to share and believe it or not there are still lots of artworks that we don't have pictures with haha!

Few Reminders:
  • Ticket Money: Php 500 for adult and 400 for students.
  • Make sure to bring a FULLY charged camera with enough storage of memory or phones to take pictures bring extra battery or power banks as well. 
  • Bring Socks, because shoes are not allowed inside the museum and the floor was so cold.
  • Wear something comfortable because seriously you're going to do a lot of stunts.
  • Props (Optional) There's this old couple that brings some props and I can't help not to laugh because of their crazy poses. Imagine an old-fat-mayor-looking man holding an Anakin Skywalker sword doing funny poses. (And I'm here still smiling like an idiot because I can still picture them hahaha!)
  • Check the internet for some poses but there are also sample pictures in every corner of the zones.
  • Grab some friends to take your photos. (For loners there are staffs that can take your pictures.)

 And lastly, Enjoy!

Art in Island
Address: 175 15th Avenue, Barangay Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
Opening Hours: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM (Tuesdays-Sundays)
Contact Numbers: +63 2 4211356 or +63 9156781826