27 February, 2015

Frank and Charles

Who would have thought that I'm going to find another hidden gem near the vicinity? I just recently found out about this when I'm searching the internet for some restaurants or food chains in Rizal, I'm going to explore my mainland first before going in the metro. And since it's near my best friend's home, I'm going to put it on my list.  Of course, my hungry tummy would die if I wouldn't be able to taste the foods they offer especially BURGERS!

It's like a regular American Diner.

Al Fresco. I think she's the owner. :)

Forget DIET. If it makes you HAPPY. EAT it! (Well said! Haha!)


Their Menu.

I ordered Chocolate Rockets first but unfortunately, it's not available so I ordered the usual, Creamy Pepsi Float and 7 up for him.

For me, I ordered Frank & Charles Original and for my boyfie, Double Cheesy Mushroom Melt ugh! He's a pig!

The taste of it was actually similar to Zark's Burger. :) I'll go back to try another one and for sure I'll be coming back for more. :)

The map.

(CTO: Google)

Frank And Charles
Tanchoco Avenue, Taytay Rizal.