15 April, 2015

Blake's Wings & Steaks

After watching Fast and Furious 7 I got so emotional because of the ending so I wanted to eat steak! (Anong konek?) My best friend posted a photo of this place and of course I trust her taste buds so I tried this as well. A steak for a reasonable price is just so perf!

The waiter handed us the menu where you have to put a check mark of your orders and I find it pretty neat. While waiting for our orders they gave us free appetizers.

Winner Steaks it all! I ordered T-bone Steak for P230.00 with original flavor and mushroom for gravy. They have a variety of flavors and gravy that you can choose from. For my man he ordered a Porterhouse Steak  for P250.00 with original flavor and mushroom for gravy as well plus 2 java rice, my gosh! And we ordered the House blend Iced Tea for P65.00 only.

Mad for Salad! Garden Salad for P150.00 with crisp mixed greens and juicy fresh citrus fruits in special house dressing.

Foods were so delish with an affordable price. Good thing about this place is that they serve beers. :) I love the salad of course. I'll rate 4 for the steaks and probably I'm going to go back to try some of their wings and I'm excited already! :)

Here's a map if you're planning to give this steak house a try. 

Til our next foodieventure!