27 May, 2015

Caffe Piansa

I know you guys are already familiar with Caffe Piansa because it has been featured on several T.V shows already. It's been sitting on my must-try-list for a couple of months but don't have much time and too lazy to go to haha! Obviously, the reason why I wanted to go to this place it is because of its very unusual and intriguing theme. From the name itself you can already guess what it looked like. This is the first Jail Restaurant in town and that is something that they can boast about. I admit that sometimes it's not the food that I'm after, it's the fun experience and instagrammable photos that I can share with haha!

There are several prison cells if you wanted to experience eating inside a jail might as well give this a try. We're the only guest at that time coz we came in 30 minutes early so we have to wait outside before it opens and good thing coz I was able to take pictures everywhere. :)

They have electric chair too!

The famous mugshot.

I wanted to take a picture with them but I was too shy that's why I just took a stolen shot of the waiters haha!

They served Italian foods but it took me some time to finalize the order coz  I enjoyed reading the menu and I find it so hilarious haha! You can choose from "Inmates Choice, Forcible Entree, Adulterous Salad, Execution Pasta, Tortured Pizza, Last Meal Request, Subversive Steak and Incestuous Dessert.

And his epic face when the foods were served.

Ceasar Salad. (P 180) Crisp iceberg lettuce, croutons, bacon bits and shredded parmesan cheese.

Lengua Ala Piansa (P 240)

Gas Chamber (P280) Chef's Recommendation. Fettucine black pasta topped with traditional Chicken Schnitzel.

 I'm not in the mood to eat that time coz I'm still nursing my headache (hangover kamo haha!) I don't like my pasta, it was okay but the taste of the garlic was too strong and that is something that I don't like. Told my boyfriend that the bread tastes like mold but I ignored it probably because of what I was feeling at that moment so I just leave it there and finished my pasta. The couple beside us told the waiter about the bread and they gave them a new plate with a free dessert, yep I think I'm not the only one. My boyfriend told me that I should've told the waiter about my bread so I can have free dessert as well. Anyway, not a big deal coz I understand the cafe is new and they have plenty of adjustments and criticism to deal with.

Frutta Creme Brulee. (P100) This dessert is what I enjoyed the most. :)

Foods were okay, not that pricey, I think P1000 is already good for 2 persons.
If you wanted to experience eating inside a jail you should give this cafe a shot.
Until my next food journey!

Caffe Piansa
57 Dragon St., Midtown Subdivision, San Roque Marikina City.
Operation Hours: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm