25 June, 2015

The Bang Cafe

 Of all the meals "Merienda" is something that I'll never forget to skip, my day wouldn't be complete if I'll never have one. Ralph has been asking me to try "The Bang Cafe" cause his niece told him that it's good and it was Independence Day when I finally agreed (not too late).

13 June, 2015

Cafe Caudal

And "The Misadventures of the Hungry Tummies" (the album name of our food journey on my Facebook account that wasn't meant to be uploaded coz my phone memory is getting full already haha!) goes on. Thank God for Sundays like this. :)

04 June, 2015

Crepe Man Cafe

I love sweets so much that if you cut my body in half all the sugar will come out haha! Kidding!  Anyway, I've been craving for desserts the past days and as on my way home, my boyfriend pointed a huge Crepeman signboard and my eyes twinkle like a star!! It's an advantage for me coz it's not in the crazy street of Maginhawa in QC it opens in Cainta recently and for sure I'll try this out!