04 June, 2015

Crepe Man Cafe

I love sweets so much that if you cut my body in half all the sugar will come out haha! Kidding!  Anyway, I've been craving for desserts the past days and as on my way home, my boyfriend pointed a huge Crepeman signboard and my eyes twinkle like a star!! It's an advantage for me coz it's not in the crazy street of Maginhawa in QC it opens in Cainta recently and for sure I'll try this out!

The place has a tambay-ish vibe and mostly, students are their number one customer.

They have varieties of flavors that you can choose from and the good thing about Crepeman Cafe is they served two different kinds of crepes which are sweet and savory. Sweet Crepes for those who wanted desserts and Savory for those who want veggies and meats for merienda. This is not your ordinary crepes coz the edge is so crispy and chewy in the middle. As for me, I wanted to eat sweet (how many times did I said sweet?) I ordered Mango Nabana (P 100) "Mango, Banana, Choco spread with cream and kisses."

Ralph chose Beef-Up (P 100)"Burger Patty, Mayo, Cheese, Lettuce, Corn & Pepper." The way we ordered our food you can see clearly who's going to die early hahahaha!

It's a good idea to have a crepe-holder like this coz we all know how messy and hard it is to eat crepes.

They also have smoothies, milkshakes, coolers, hot and cold drinks and flavored iced tea. I don't want to get full in the middle of the night so I just chose Mango Tango (P 65) iced tea for drinks.

Heavenly flavors with very affordable price, for sure this would not be the last time I'll be eating crepes since isang kembot lang naman from our house haha!

Til our next foodieventure!