25 June, 2015

The Bang Cafe

Of all the meals "Merienda" is something that I'll never forget to skip, my day wouldn't be complete if I'll never have one. Ralph has been asking me to try "The Bang Cafe" cause his niece told him that it's good and it was Independence Day when I finally agreed (not too late).

We forgot that it's Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano's wedding day and the Methodist Chapel is just a few blocks away from the cafe so it's traffic and crowded when we came in and that irritates me. And what irritates me more? They have a loud sound system and at the same time their Television is powered on and take note it's on the highest volume too. I felt like I was in the market at that day. There are lots of people chit chatting (which is totally fine with me) but the sounds of their stereo and television in a crowded closed place is displeasing to the ear. Another thing that irritates me is I wasn't able to take pictures everywhere. Ahahaha!

I find it funny (but not in a negative way) when I read on where they got its name (the boyfriend is the first one to figured it out) cause I used to study in Taytay and mostly my college friends lives in the town proper and they have this "BANG" expression (which I adopt sometime, and Toni G have this expression as well) It's an exaggeration for a word or it's like "Super" or "Over" in English. E.g Bangdami (so many or plenty) Banglaki (huge or super big) etc. Hahaha!

Also found out that they are helping people cause I saw pictures on their Facebook account. And I'm like so that's how the "The Delicious way of helping" came from.

They have plenty of seats, the cafe is spacious and they also have a Japanese room for someone who wants to have a privacy.

I choose the bestsellers and Ralph for the must-try. The waiter handed us the menu but it's still a pay as you order. While waiting for our food, two girls came to us and ask us if we wanted to buy their concert tickets (which is for-a-cause). And when I raised my left eyebrow (sorry for being cranky coz I was so irritated na talaga) they immediately told us that they are allowed to sell inside the cafe. Ralph just smiled and declined. (Thank God for a patient and too nice boyfriend like him.) Anyway enough of my whining haha! I ordered the TBC Lasagna (P130) and I love it! It's not that sweet and it's a bit spicy and it's extremely creamy. Java Chip Frappe (P100) is okay with me not too sweet and the chips are crunchy, unlike other coffee shops that served melted chips. (I don't like the straw though haha!) Blueberry Cheesecake for (P100) I think? 

For Ralph the "Must-Try". Creamy Carbonara (P120) I haven't tasted this one. And I like his  Strawberries and Cream Frappe (P100) cause it was my first time to try strawberry frappe.

We also ordered Buffalo Wings (P99) It's too spicy and I had a hard time eating the wings but it's good cause we were able to ingest it all haha!

Cute utensils.

I can easily sum up if I enjoyed the food to 3 words No-Left-Overs haha!

The Bang Cafe
Address: 2 Kadalagahan St. Taytay Rizal (Near Jollibee Town Proper)