01 July, 2015

Morning Date At Eggs For Breakfast Cafe

Photo from Eggs For Breakfast Facebook Account

Sunday is my favorite day cause it's my only rest day haha! I can do a lot of things like staying up late on a Saturday night, lunch with my family, quality time with my boyfriend and I can have breakfast without even rushing. (I have to squeeze in a lot of things for my limited time) Speaking of breakfast, I only have small meal and a cup of coffee for morning (cause I have this morning sickness that if I ate too much, for sure I'll throw up) and it's actually enough for me to get through the day and this Eggs for Breakfast Cafe that served-all-day breakfast meal, makes me so curious and so eager to try. We've been planning to go here for quite some time now but canceled it for numerous times already (for reasons like I woke up too late, cause what is the purpose of breakfast in the afternoon right?) which made me think that probably bad luck awaits us. I told my boyfriend last Saturday that we should go and if it rains the next day then that's the time we'll forget about the cafe. Luckily the sun was so bright the next morning and I woke up earlier before my clock alarms. :) I guess it's better to do things unplanned.

Obviously, I love Antipolo City because there are lots of hidden gems plus the cool breezy air which cities can't offer that makes you think you're out of town. The cafe is nestled in a residential area of Velada Estate which will make you feel at home. The enormous garden welcomes us with arms wide open and the homey vibe, rustic interiors and quirky design inside the cafe can give you a good feeling. While you sip your coffee, read books and newspaper you can see through their wide glass window the peaceful garden with flowers blossoming and bees humming around the area that will make you say "Oh! This is the weekend!"

As on our way there, I was crossing my fingers and hoping that this seat will be ours. We came in early and we're the first guest and the waiter appointed us to this seat. Yey! The grassy wall and artsy crafts pinned on it is what I'm really after. :)

After raving reviews of how bad their service is I still tried and see it for myself. No need to follow up orders cause our foods were served after ten minutes. People came in and there's no sign of any slow service. Lucky us!

A really Instagram-worthy wall.

They only have 2 kinds of smoothies at that time, we supposed to order Triberries but it's unavailable so we ended up with Funky Monkey (P155) It's a combination of Milk, Bananas, Chocolate and Peanut Butter. I didn't taste any peanut butter on my first sip but only through half way then. I think it's not properly mixed and it's not my smoothies haha! This one is so extremely good. :)

Lemonade (P30) It's funny how we canceled the order and replaced it with smoothies instead and we're wondering why it's still served. Andiyan na eh!

We ordered the classics. Brace yourself cause eggs plays a big contribution to their menu, from the name itself duh! He ordered Croque Madam (P255) It's a classic grilled ham and cheese sandwich topped with sunny side up egg, served with salad and vinaigrette.

For me Eggs Benedict. (P285) It's a 2 slices of smoked back bacon and poached eggs on top of 2 English muffins glazed with freshly home-made hollandaise sauce, served with side salad and vinaigrette.

Cappuccino (P95) They served two types of sugar and I put the brown one instead.

Banana Nutella Crepe. (P125) A crepe filled with ripe bananas and vanilla ice cream topped with Nutella and toasted nuts. I love crepes but I don't like peanuts on it.

French Toast with berries. (P190) It's 2 slices of French toast served with blueberries and strawberries then topped with whipped cream and finished with powdered sugar.  The texture of the bread is soft that literally melts in my mouth, it's more like a pancake (they served us maple syrup too!) than French toasts. But it tastes really good cause it's like having a pancake and toast in one. I also love how the blueberries burst into my mouth, and I ended up mopping the powdered sugar.

He wanted to take a photo of me with my empty plates. I enjoyed the coffee though. :)

The airy garden of the Cafe.

It's really worth of our money, waking up early and worth of our 15 minutes travel. (It took us 15 minutes only cause we drive a different route up to Valley Golf Subdivision which is only bicycle and motorcycle is allowed except those cars with stickers.) Definitely will go back for some French toast and berries. :)

Eggs For Breakfast Cafe
#21 Don Juan St., Villa Cecilia Subdivision Sumulong Highway, Brgy. Mambugan Lower Antipolo Rizal
Monday-Sunday 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
Instagram: @eggsforbreakfastcafe

Til' our next misadventures!