09 August, 2015

Costa Coffee #LondonStyle

Costa Coffee is the No. 1 Coffee chain in the UK and now it finally arrives here in the Philippines. It opens last June 29 in Eastwood City and from that day I've been bugging my boyfie to go here and it happens of course! :) I was suspended last Tuesday because of my lates ugh gosh I hate traffics! (Please don't be like me haha!) So I told him that we can watch a movie after "we have a Costa coffee" and he told me that it's like Starbucks only. But what is the difference between the two?  Well, you'll figure it out once you sip a cup of Costa. Anyway, what makes it more interesting is it's handcrafted with their well-trained baristas. (Which is too friendly and they remove my snobbish vibe and leaves me nothing but all wide smiles.)

You wanted to order with a British Accent haha! 

Really is!

The second floor is the best part because you can feel the #LondonStyle up there feel free to sit on their Union Jack couches. :)

I ordered Cappuccino Mocha blah blah I really forgot my order because of my excitement haha! Anyway, it's a Medio for P130. Ralph always gets the frappe, he ordered Double Chocolate Cookie Mocha Medio as well for P165. Their sizes are Primo, Medio and Massima equivalent to Starbuck's Tall, Grande and Venti! :) 
Can I just say Prrrriiimooo! Haha! 
We also ordered Mango Sago Cheesecake I think and a Spicy Chicken Baguette that cost around 120-150 pesos only. :) 

I was careful while sipping my cup because of this UK flag well designed on top of my coffee. 

And lastly, this Red telephone booth outside will really give the London Feels! (We watched Mission Impossible after and some of it was taken in London and you can see Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner using this phone booth haha! What a coincidence right?)Try it for yourself cause this place is so cozy but not intimidating and everyone deserves to have a cup of Costa Coffee! It's an Instagram-worthy after all. :)