25 November, 2015

It's Called La Luz Baby!

(I can't believe that I totally forgot to post our trip to San Juan Batangas last May.) 
While everyone is spending their Labor Day in "Laboracay," my cousins and I spend it downtown. Batangas is one of the top destinations every summer because it's just a 3-4 hours drive from Manila and several resorts in San Juan Laiya is popular because of its white sand. Not finest as Boracay and Coron though, but man! talking about white sand right? 
Our destination isn't in La Luz Resort but in some private resort 15 minutes away from it called Naambon Resort (Not in La Luz labas OK? Lol). I'm not going to be informative about that one because I just literally packed my bag, give my contribution and hitched the van. But if you're going to ask me how to get there, it's time for you to utilize your smartphones and stalk search it on Waze! Lol. Helpful right? No? No!

It's on the foot of Mt. Daguldul and the reception is quite impossible to have. (Sht! walang signal!) Good thing though, because we're having a vacation from work and it's time to take a break to all forms of social networks.

We got there early in the morning and it is low tide, not yet good to take a dip. We stroll around first, take pictures and feel the calmness of the blue sea. After our boodle-fight-style lunch, we took a nap and my cousin wakes us up and told that we're going to La Luz. It's La Luz baby! (Imagine Twilight's La Push here!)

It's 15-20 minutes walk through a scorching rocky pebbly shoreline of Laiya and feels like we're on a mini-hiking. Walking through it was bit challenge cause we're no mountaineers and we're also in flip flops and rash guards Woah there! We followed the trails and we pass through several resorts, besides the enormous rock formation, there is La Luz Resort.

It feels like I was transported to a happy place. The relaxed atmosphere and the serenity of it were breathtaking add to that is their white pebbly sand and to tell you it was painful to walk on barefoot. 

The place is loads of rocks and pebbles and the water got deeper few meters from the coastline so it's advisable to use life jackets if you don't know how to swim. It is right in front of a coral reef, a perfect spot for snorkeling and diving. They have banana boats too and they even let us play volleyball, probably they thought that we are checked in there. Can't blame them though. Lol.

It's where we spend most of our stay than in our resort back there.

But I'm not saying Naambon Resort is no good, it's a very private place, in fact, we are the only customers that time knowing it was a peak season. We owned the place for two days. No wi-fi connection, no television, and the air condition is not reliable because the electricity in Laiya is down during certain hours. They have numbers of cabana with white curtains that you can use while sleeping or kung bet mo ang mag emote keri din. We're able to sit and drink in the grass and we sang like nobody can hear us. Feels like we are back to basics and that's what I enjoyed the most.

I don't know why it's dated 2014 lol