07 August, 2015

Monte Café

"Sleep is for the weak, go on a coffee streak."

 Searching for a hole in the wall became our habit and Antipolo City is our top destination because driving up to this hill is such an easy-peasy for us. This place become our sweet escape cause it lets you breathe and appreciate the simplest things life has to offer. Also, eating and pigging out became a huge contribution to our relationship that's why I'm still searching for more hidden gems like Monte Cafe. I love simple dates like this cause we have plenty of time to bond and we can talk a lot of things. I've been eyeing Monte Cafe as far as I can remember and brace yourself cause there's a whole lot more on my must-try list. 😊


This place is carefully designed from its exquisite wall, bricks, lots of wood elements, polished floor,  comfortable chairs down to their couches and pillows and it all comes together well. A place where you can de-stress, laze around and listen to Sam Smith and Boyce Avenue songs. (Cause they play a bunch of it!) Overall the interior is astounding.

Buuuuut the food isn't that good it's like the typical cafe offers and here's our pick:

Monte Cheesecake Mocha Frappe. Espresso, milk, dark chocolate cheesecake and whipped cream for P150

Charlie Brown Mocha. Espresso, milk, dark chocolate, macadamia and hazelnut for P160.

Their Pasta is superb but their serving is too small for an appetite like ours haha!

Seafood Marinara. Linguine, tomato, shrimp, squid, chili and breadsticks. P165

Chicken Pesto. Linguine, pesto, grilled chicken and breadsticks. P195

Pumpkin Soup P85. Oraaayyyyt! This soup sucks! It watered down and I can't even taste any hint of pumpkin, even a pinch of broth cube is missing. This is the only thing that disappoints me cause I love pumpkin soup so much and my version is way more than better haha!

Egg Custard. P120

I can't deny that this is a great place to hang out and just sit right there and sink into your lappy or books. But they have to work a little bit more for their foods but it's forgivable cause they served it quick with knowledge and manners and that is something that I always looked up to. :)

Add this up to your Must-try-list!

Address: 2nd Floor Citywalk Building Lot 2 D-1 M. L Quezon Extension Antipolo City.