26 October, 2015

Maginhawa Foodtrip: The Iscreamist

Our second stop. Iscreamist. It was a bit overrated because of its unique concept. I've been wanting to go here for the longest time but wasn't able to because of the queues. They relocated already and the place has a room for more customers, compared to its old place that can only accommodate 15 persons so you have to wait for hours outside just to try it. But still, expect for long lines.

Maginhawa Foodtrip: Gerry's Jeepney

This is actually my second time in here but it was my first time to try Gerry's Jeepney. My former teammates and I have been planning to have a small get together since uhhmm... 3 years I think? Haha yes, that long and finally natuloy na din kame sa wakas! So we planned to go to Tagaytay but for some circumstances, we ended up in Maginhawa St. We go to U.P Diliman first and then headed to this restaurant.

19 October, 2015

Prime Of Life

I still don't know what am I up to at this point of my life. Girls with the same age as mine or even younger than me are living their prime already and I was like "meh".  I still don't have any idea about my future!