19 October, 2015

Prime Of Life

I still don't know what am I up to at this point in my life. Girls with the same age as mine or even younger than me are living their prime already and I was like "meh".  I still don't have any idea about my future! I'm the youngest of three and because of being a spoiled brat I don't know how to act my age. I'm turning 27 a few weeks from now and I badly wanted to be mature to face what lies ahead. But I don't know how and when to start. Ugh. Everything in my mind is garbled and I don't know how I can put up all my sh*ts together. Damn! Di ko talaga alam! When you think everything is going well and planned, suddenly life will give you lemons and knocks you down.The gloomy and rainy weather pretty much suits my random sentiments right now and I think I'm just missing the summer skies on these photos. (Ma-iconnect ko lang talaga haha!) Probably I'll accept whatever life brings me and I think I'm one hell of a tough woman to face everything. Maybe I'm crossing through rocky roads right now but I know in time that I'll walk through straight lines again. I'll just keep one step at a time and soon I'll get there, who's rushing me anyway? As what my best friends told me "Life isn't a race" no need to hurry things. I'll focus on the good things and keep my "All is well" mantra in mind while shaking this booty of mine! LOL :D