25 November, 2015

It's Called La Luz Baby!

(I can't believe that I totally forgot to post our trip to San Juan Batangas last May.) 
While everyone is spending their Labor Day in "Laboracay," my cousins and I spend it downtown. Batangas is one of the top destination every summer because it's just a 3-4 hours drive from Manila and several resorts in San Juan Laiya is popular because of its white sand. Not finest as Boracay and Coron though, but man! talking about white sand right? 

10 November, 2015

Birthdate At Little House Of Cheesecakes And More

"Eating and Reading are two pleasure that combine admirably." - C.S Lewis

Yesterday was my actually my birthday and I took advantage of it to have a break from work. Ralph and I decided to celebrate it alone (cos I already celebrate it with my family the other night) so we can have at least a decent date for my birthday. At the last minute I still can't think of any place we could go and LHCM has been on my mind lately and for boasting reviews and blogs about it why not give this cafe a shot. I've been to several coffee shops already but what interests me more about this place is because it's jam-packed with books. Books are top of my most favorite thing in the universe and I was so glad to tell you that their foods are named after famous authors and well  -  books.

09 November, 2015

On Her 27th

"I love the way she survived. Survival looked good on her. There were no dark marks under her eyes. Maybe deep inside, but I like the way she looked through them and laughed at life. She did it gracefully. She walked over glass and through fire but still smiled. And, honestly, I’m not interested in people who haven’t lived and died a few times. Who haven’t yet had their heart ripped out, or know what it feels like to lose everything. I trust those people because they stand for something. I knew what she’d been through. I wanted to thank her for surviving. And her to know that she had someone willing to stand with her too."
— J.Raymond