10 November, 2015

Birthdate At Little House Of Cheesecakes And More

"Eating and Reading are two pleasure that combine admirably." - C.S Lewis

Yesterday was my actually my birthday and I took advantage of it to have a break from work. Ralph and I decided to celebrate it alone (cos I already celebrate it with my family the other night) so we can have at least a decent date for my birthday. At the last minute I still can't think of any place we could go and LHCM has been on my mind lately and for boasting reviews and blogs about it why not give this cafe a shot. I've been to several coffee shops already but what interests me more about this place is because it's jam-packed with books. Books are top of my most favorite thing in the universe and I was so glad to tell you that their foods are named after famous authors and well  -  books.

Upon entering my eyes automatically catches the "Welcome to our home" stated in their yellow wall. And their staff greets us "Welcome home po" and it feels like you're a home away from home. The bright yellow walls in this little nook are surrounded with arrays of books that diners can borrow plus wooden tables and comfortable couches that you can use while you eat. 

 Another thing to talk about this place is their staffs, especially the one named Karla. The word nice is not enough to describe her, she smiles a lot and she patiently waits for our orders ('coz it took me so long to finalize my picks) That's one thing that I always looked after when we're dining outside. A staff should be very accommodating because they represent the place and I was lucky enough to find LHCM because they took care of us and they cater all of our needs and they make us feel that we're dining at our own home. 

While this place is brimming with coziness, they say that you really can't have it all. From a family with everyone is a good cook it's a bit hard to please my taste buds. 

Here's some of our grub. I ordered some Cheesesticks (P87) from "Food for the little prince". Quite pricey for ten pieces of plain cheese sticks though. I can make 50 pieces of cheese sticks for P87 hehe! I was drooling over a mango cheesecake but it's not available on their "Ten shades of cheesecakes" so I ended up with Blueberry Cheesecake (P97). This one is velvety smooth and creamy, there are no slices of cakes here and their authentic cheesecakes are served in a mini -jar. (Did I say Cheesecakes? Lol)

My pick is from "The Godfather's family favorito" Michael La Scelta Cheesy Beefy Lasagna.(P137) You know typical foods from a typical cafe. The lasagna is gooey seems like undercooked but the sauce is very creamy and beefy, still delicioso coz I ended up mopping my plate. For Ralph he chose the Who Moved My Philly Cheesesteak Rice (P187), he is surprised because the rice is color green (it's kinda weird but it's a pandan rice just so you know) and it's very cheesy, it's basically good but it's over-salted I guess.

"I Thirst For You" I just pick the House Blend Red Iced Tea (P57) it's like a raspberry tea and Milo Milkshake (P97) for him and this one tastes like well - milo shake lol.

A sumptuous meal from an extraordinary cafe quite satisfies me. For a foodie and bibliophile like me, this place is definitely for you!

Little House Of Cheesecakes And More
Address: Citia Okinari Complex Circumferential Road San Roque, Antipolo City.
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm