09 November, 2015

On Her 27th

"I love the way she survived. Survival looked good on her. There were no dark marks under her eyes. Maybe deep inside, but I like the way she looked through them and laughed at life. She did it gracefully. She walked over glass and through fire but still smiled. And, honestly, I’m not interested in people who haven’t lived and died a few times. Who haven’t yet had their heart ripped out, or know what it feels like to lose everything. I trust those people because they stand for something. I knew what she’d been through. I wanted to thank her for surviving. And her to know that she had someone willing to stand with her too."
— J.Raymond

Some memories from the past came across my mind and It's so rewarding that I was able to face everything with my head up high. The word shattered is not enough to describe what I've been through in my younger years. I've made wrong decisions and choices that help me survived the bitter-sweet and harsh reality of life. From a life perspective, things have been too rough and there's nothing I can do. I realized how strong I was, because being strong is the only option (what else right?) just pick the tiny pieces of your god damn self and move on with life. Survival is never easy in any aspects of life but you're one hell of a tough woman if you do. And I know every woman can trust me eventually you'll do.

So today as I celebrate another year of life, I'm thankful for those people who help me throughout everything. I thank God for giving me this incredible strength, I thank him for the life, for the roof over my head, for a stomach that never starve, for the amazing family who supports me with everything I do, for the true friends who were always there no matter how many times I've pushed them away, for a nice job and for a boyfriend who understands and still loves me despite my crazy self. I'm beyond thankful because I've already got everything that I want and I'm blessed more than I deserve to be blessed.
What else I could ask for?

Happy Birthday my dear self!