12 December, 2015

Oh My Gulay!

With all the scenic views Baguio City has to offer restaurants and cafes are also sprouting all over the city. And now I know why a lot of bloggers and tourists are raving about Oh My Gulay. Aside from its enticing decors they also offer good food for vegetarians. So if you're a health conscious type of person then this place is for you.

Oh My Gulay is located on the rooftop of the ancient La Azotea building along the busy Session Road and you have to climb all the way up to its wooden stairs because there's no elevator installed.

A masterpiece by Kidlat Tahimik

Upon entering, the whole interior just drew my attention. Everything is mismatched from pieces of odd furniture and Igorot-inspired structures molded to built an eclectic masterpiece of artwork. Despite the chaos, everything went well feels like you followed a rabbit that leads you to the wonderland. As if you were transported into an enchanted secret garden, very magical indeed. 
Let's follow the rabbit, shall we? 

A wooden bridge over a koi fish pond. From the left, there's the stage where art gallery, poetry reading, and musical shows are performed. No wonder because the owner Eric De Guia or better known as "Kidlat Tahimik" is a film director, too bad that I wasn't able to meet the man behind the forested cafe.

The stairs to the main dining area.

A Moroccan-ish style of house? Tower? Temple? I dunno lol. 


There are several wooden tables but I think this is the best seat because the fantastic view of the city is just sitting right there. 

Whilst some are visiting this place because of it's interior, my hungry tummy is aiming for the food. As a veggie junkie like me, you wouldn't mind not seeing a meat on your plate. Now for the food.

Pasta Mestizo, it's tossed in a sauce made of one-half queso cheese sauce. The creaminess and the smell of the cayenne pepper are enticing already but actually, it was a bit bland.

Kabute. It's an al funghi garlic sauteed fresh mushrooms enriched with a traditional cheese sauce made with whole milk and cheddar. The aromatic smell of this pasta tastes good already and yes this one tastes really good, very creamy and cheesy but not that salty actually a little bit bland too but still good enough.

Talong Parmigiana. It's a deep fried breaded eggplant set on a crisp baguette, topped with sauce and basil oil. The smell of the pesto already speaks for itself, the sauce and the baguette are so delish and tasty no wonder why it's the best seller.

The OMG Club Sandwich. The house double-decker sandwich of plump tomatoes, crisp cucumber and egg served with a small green salad. The sauce and the crispness of the vegetable tastes good because you know garden salad,

Super Sosy. Peach-stuffed crepe enhanced with luscious sweetened cream and peach flavored syrup, enriched with milk chocolate drizzles, Unfortunately, the Manga Crepe is not available that's why I tried this one. The sweetness of the peach combined with the chocolates satisfied my Mango cravings. Perfectly sweet but not too much.

Iced Mocha well tastes like how an iced mocha should be. Dayap Iced Tea and Limunada is very refreshing and healthy, perfectly matched with all the foods that we ordered.

To cap it off, dining here at Oh My Gulay is one of a unique experience, This place generates a positive mood that adds the feeling of being close to nature. So if you chanced upon to the City of Pines put this one on your list 'cause definitely, a must try. 

 Address: Session Road, Top Floor La Azotea Bldg. Baguio City, Benguet