23 December, 2015

Shake It Off!

And haters gonna hate. hate. hate. hate. 
Baby I'm just gonna shake. shake. shake. shake. 
Shake it off, shake it off! ♪♫

Tay-tay's song is the best way to describe on how to deal with haters. I have few set of them and I myself won't be a hypocrite not to admit that I'm also (somehow) a hater too, especially when dealing with annoying people. We are all entitled to have our opinions but if it becomes hurtful that's when we become a hater. In this Internet Era, haters are always there hanging on your sleeves. Checking every aspect of you and they wanted to see you miserable with your life. Because no matter what you do and how you think you're a good person haters gonna hate.

I always thought that I'm a good person, people love me and admire me most of the time, not to realize that I'm being hated by some random people who don't know me well. I have this antagonistic aura (I know!) that people always tend to think that I'm b*tchy that I won't do anything good. Man! Even if they don't say it in my face the way those people looks at me as if it's pierced through my bones as if they know me all my life as if I've done something wrong with them as if I've said some factless gossip about them. And you know what? They only know me by my name. How cute! Ugh.
Anyway, I have some tips here in my pocket that probably helps on how to get through your day of not getting affected by haters.

1. They can't rain on your parade. If you let them steal your thunder they will eat you alive. These people don't make any sense in your life so you have to IGNORE them. Easy being said than done, but it helps. Let them know that whatever nasty things they say about you, you won't let them ruin your day. No one in this world knows you but yourself. If you let their negativity affects you that's the time that you let them win and only proves them that what they said about you is true.

2. "Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang." - Kevin Gnapoor (Mean Girls) Give them more reason to hate you. They don't want to see you happy, they don't want to see you succeed in life. They have lame lives that is why they hate you, they aren't happy with their lives that's why they wanted to see you miserable too. Make them your motivation to be the better version of yourself. Prove to them yourself that even if they throw you sh*ts you're still above them because you are a better person, that's the time they will hate you most. Just IGNORE them anyway.

3. Don't add fuel to the fire. They are jealous human being and they envy you that's why they hate you. You're happier than them that's why they hate you. You're above average than them that's why they hate you, They bring you down so they can put themselves up because they hate you. They wanted to prove that they're better than you. Don't let them affect you and don't be threatened by them. IGNORE them. Never argue with them they'll only drag you to cheap cat fights. You're not like them and don't ever be. Remember you're an awesome person, and someone like you will never stoop down to their level.

You know, all you gotta do is to focus on those people who love you and that's what only matters.
Insecurity is a disease, So get well soon. :)