01 January, 2016


Before we finally bid our goodbye's to 2015, I wanted to share the #2015bestnine on my Instagram account. (Follow me @chymisme haha!) My best nine well looks incredibly vain I think they garner more likes because it's all self-portrait hehe! But thank you for the wonderful likes. So for this, I decided to create my own #2015bestnine. :)

2015 I must say is an amazing year for me because despite my busy schedules at least I've been to several places and coffee shops to be exact that somehow became a memorable experience for my 2015. At kahit pano my napuntahan naman ako ng 2015 hindi puro trabaho lang ang ginawa ko sa buong taon haha! Again I'm putting TRAVEL (Diet is my second haha!) to my number one spot of New Year's resolution. I've never been much of a traveler though I really wanted to. I really can't, especially without my precious siblings and cousins. I dunno. Probably I'm too scared to go to any places that I'm not familiar with cause I have this fear of getting lost. I always make it a point that if I'm going to a different place, I have every single tiny detail to make sure that I'm on the right track. You know we're living in a sick country, sometimes I can't help myself not to get paranoid that something bad might happen. I know that I was thinking morbid but I always (of course) think of my safety first. Hindi ako G lang ng G. Lol. I may look tough but I know that I'm always a namby-pamby. Anyway this year I promise that I'll go beyond my comfort zone and I'll make sure that it'll be more memorable than last year. Time flies so fast and we're not getting any younger so let's all make the most out of it. :)

I hope 2016 will be brighter than my 2015. :)
Happy New Year!