31 January, 2016

Goals For 2016

"A goal without a plan is just a dream."

Another whole year ahead of us and I'm pretty sure everyone has their New Year's resolutions. This time I've set up (for the first time) a few goals that I really wanted to do for this brand new year. If time and circumstances permits, I'll make sure that I'm going to accomplish these 8 goals that I've set for myself. But tbh I'm quite not (boo!) confident if I'm going to achieve all of this but I'll make sure that I'll do the best that I can to make these (or even some) things possible. I'll keep my focus on and I know that this will help me to get motivated to be a much better version of myself.

1. Start up a small business. 
Instead of buying expensive things that only depreciates in time, 
might as well use my money to put up a business. Been planning this one already
and I'm hoping by the end of March I already have that small business. :)
2. Save more. Spend less. 
I'll save some money first then pay for my expenses.
I'll budget everything and keep track of my expenses
so that I'll know if I'm over-spending.
3. Be financially stable. 
This year I'll make sure that I'll never have a zero balance
(which never happened anyway) in my account.
4. Be frugal. 
I should've learned the difference between wants and needs.
4. Make more time with family. 
I was too busy with all the grown up things and I forgot that my parents are growing old too. 
This time I'll make more time for them.
5. Break bad habits. 
I need to stop abusing myself from drinking way too much
and spending my money on non-sense things.
6. Stay fit and healthy. 
I'll start to eat healthily and exercise regularly.
I'll take care of my skin and body too for a healthier me. 
7. Be nicer. 
I'll try my best not to get angry and promise myself not
to be affected by shitty things.
8. Tick at least 1 or 2 off the bucket list. 
Bungee jumping or Cliff diving I guess? :)