08 February, 2016

Enchanted Kingdom:The Magic Stays With You

A lot of circumstances happened before our 4th year anniversary and our schedules won't meet that's why we have to cancel our trip to Vigan. It should be the first time that we're going to travel alone at di pa natuloy. Boo! Anyway, we just have to cancel it and push the other plan which is going to the Enchanted Kingdom. I took a leave from work and it was raining that day and I was like what the hell is happening? We're about to cancel the trip and I couldn't let this day pass without doing anything. I swear, I wanted to cry that day! Thank heavens the rain stops and the sky calms down.

It's not our first time in E.K but you know it has been my little teen dream to have a date in an amusement park. At this age of mine, my love for rides will never wither. It was the kind of love that's so irrevocable like a love of a child for her puppy. I was so excited and my heart was filled with happiness, and it was the very same feeling I remembered the first time I stepped to E.K -  Magical.

We came in at 12 noon and I dragged Ralph to the Space Shuttle. I told him that we should ride it first before we eat our lunch. While on our seat I greeted him a Happy Anniversary before I pass out haha! Kidding aside, Ralph hugged me after and asked me if I was okay because I've been screaming at the top of my lungs the whole ride and damn it got me so wasted!

After our lunch, we walk around first before we headed to our next ride.

I don't like the Rio Grande or Jungle Log Jam because the water stinks. Eew! Lol. And it's not on my plan to get wet haha!

Our next: EKstreme Tower Ride. It took us 45 minutes in the queue. It was a long line and the excitement was already gone but I still enjoyed this ride cause it was a devilish one. I literally left my heart and soul there. I was a bit nervous when we're still on top and started screaming when it suddenly drops. My heart was pounding and I think I've got a mini heart attack! :)

Anchors Away.

Air Race.

 Disk O Magic.

We watched the Amazon fire eaters at Jungle Outpost.

Laser Mission. Be a Matrix for a day and enjoy this laser obstacle course. :) I hit 5! Ugh!

cto: My San Pablo

 Unleashing the kid in us at Flying Fiesta.

And lastly my favorite Wheel of Fate. I got scared because it was freezing up there. And I felt so dizzy already. 😢

View from the top.

We didn't enjoy all the rides cause there's a lot of people. I think we spend most of our time walking, eating and laughing about silly things. 

My relationship with Ralph is like a roller coaster ride, full of thrills and surprises. I never experienced a dull moment whenever I'm with him, though sometimes bumpy but still a road worthy. 

 Happy 4th Year to us!