10 March, 2016

Patio Vera

My never-ending gastronomic quest started again and when I laid my eyes at Patio Vera, I knew for a fact that I'm going to bring my family here. It was an ancestral house turned into a garden restaurant hidden in the residential area of Marikina City. Once you stepped your foot here you'll forget that there's a busy street outside. It has a very relaxing ambiance filled with rustic interiors and knick-knacks giving the whole place a mellow and homey vibe.

It was a post celebration for my mom's birthday and we are all thankful to the man up there for giving her another gift of life. Hoping and wishing and begging as well that she lives her life cancer free. She's still surviving and thanks god my momma is a tough woman.

You can choose to dine indoors or al fresco but their garden area is reserved already so we opted to stay inside.
You can see a lot of shoes here.

Indoor Dining Area.

Here comes the food. Pumpkin Soup for P115, my favorite! We also ordered Halaan in Ginger Wansuy and Mushroom Soup. For me Pumpkin is the best! Lol
 Paella De Mariscos for P525, their best seller and it was good but it has too much tomato paste that overpowered the taste of the whole Paella.
 Salmon Steak for P585. This one is good for sharing and I think this is the best dish for me.
Other picks that we had (I wasn't able to take a photo cause I'm with the Dad) are Lengua for P375 it's so creamy but it watered down easily. Garlic Tilapia for P315 that wasn't steamed well ugh. And the best seller Crab and Mango Salad for P285 it was the second best salad (Vieux Chalet's my first) that I ever tasted. :)
Anyway, this is where they put the receipt and change. :) Told you a lot of shoes. :)
 Una is so happy and she keeps on saying "Yehey! It's a family date!" And no one can stop her from taking selfies. Such a cutie! :)
So far nice place but Dad wasn't impressed with the food cause he can cook a better dish than all that we had. I agree, it's pretty good actually but I'll just rank it 3. :)

Patio Vera
70 F. General Santos St. Calumpang, Marikina City
Operating Hours: Monday - Thursday 4 pm - 12 mn
Friday - Sunday 11am - 12mn