05 March, 2016

Vine Cafe By FNS

The majority of us considers that the place should be an Instagram-worthy or something that catches attention when we post it on our social media sites. It should be very inviting and definitely has picturesque spots. Foods should be presented uniquely too regardless if it tastes good and it's just a bonus if it does. Yes, I must admit that sometimes I'm one of those people. And let me tell you that Vine Cafe by FNS offers both nice place and good quality of comfort foods.

Upstairs is the best seating. It boasts with cool interiors and paintings.

Every corner here in Vine Cafe spreads good vibes, it all has bible scriptures and inspirational quotes that can be seen on their wooden tables and chairs.

 Here's the menu. We all ordered the combo meals. It's a choice of your panini, pasta, and frappes. You have to choose whether if it's for skinny or fat, we chose the fat actually. Ugh!

I pick the Black Forest Frappe, thank god it's a whip cream on top drizzled with cherry syrup. The frappe itself is good and not too sweet. Double Choco tastes good too.

Bacon and Cheese Panini. I hate it when a cafe sells a day old bread this one is hard as a rock, it tastes good but I had a hard time chewing it and it's not a bacon but a thinly sliced pork chop. Oh, you fool me there huh! Good thing the Eat Me If You Kare wins back my trust. It's a kare-kare pasta topped with bagoong and it's extremely good that I was able to finish it all.

I wasn't able to try their desserts cause I'm bloated already maybe next time if I had a chance. So if you wanted to chill to catch up with friends or read books with a nice ambiance better try this one.

Vine Cafe By FNS 
4A Burgos St., Malinao Pasig City
Operating Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 4pm - 12mn
Sunday 11am -  10pm