18 April, 2016

A Step You Can't Take Back

There will always come to a time that you will walk away just to get lost and forget everything. It's alright my dear. It's okay to run away from something that weighs you down and be brave enough to do it. When things didn't turn out the way you wanted to, drop it off. God has a better plan for you, he always has.Walk away from the things that caused you pain. It's okay to cut-off negative people in your life, it's okay to abandon the toxic relationship. People in your life will have a huge impact on you, it is better to do it now rather than to be filled with regrets later. It's time to go, pack your bags, step forward and realized your worth and there's no turning back. Once you do, you'll only go back to that cycle that pained you. Yes, that cycle, a limbo that you can't escape. It's okay to move on and to forgive even they don't deserve it. It's okay to run, go off on an adventure and leave your baggage behind. There's nothing wrong with moving on and choosing yourself. You're leaving it all because you love yourself more. I know this will be one rocky road journey but trust me, in the end, it will be so much worth the trip.

Swimsuit: @byprimrose