23 May, 2016

1,475 Days Of Adam Sandler

This is for you.

From the first time we met I saw Jim Friedman in you cause you're really that annoying and that annoyance makes me fall for you even harder. You're my favorite Sam Brenner cause I know how good you were in video games. I will always remember Max Simkin in you cause I know how much you love shoes. You're like Paul Crewe cause I know how determined you are to win though you only play basketball. You're my own Uncle Skeeter cause you know how to make stories so I can sleep well. You're like Michael Newman because when I asked you "Will you still love me in the morning?" you answered, "Forever and ever babe."  There will always be a Robbie Hart in you because I will never forget the way you serenaded me in the crowd. You're the Henry Roth of my life cause you constantly remind me of the things that I always forget. You'll always be the Jack and I will always be your Jill. I will always be your own Rob Schneider because that's how we treat each other as best friends. And there will always be a Drew Barrymore in me because that's how we always make a good team. This is how I will remember you. 
"You will always and forever be my Adam Sandler."

Your forgetful Lucy.