09 November, 2016

Birthdate at Rustic Mornings

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is situated in a narrow street near the Our Lady of Abandoned Church. It was a hidden gem that you don't want to leave yet and spend the rest of your day with. The restaurant has it all aside from the homey vibe and dainty interiors the food not just looks glorious but also great too! Alfresco style restaurants are kind of appealing to me lately because who wouldn't be mesmerized in a peaceful haven with colorful shabby chic pieces of furniture and birds chirping around in the morning? :)

 Frothy Iced Tea Lemon. P80 and Choco Nutella Milkshake. P240.
 Ilocos Bagnet. P320.
 Waffles, Buffalo Chicken Strips and Salad (served with marinara chipotle) P290
Frozen Brazo De Mercedes P150.

The place was really enchanting with all the mismatched tiles and colorful knick-knacks around the area. You could really see how creative the owner was. I can say that Rustic Mornings transported me again into another dimension where I can daydream while devouring the food on my plate. ❤

Rustic Mornings
#11 Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque Marikina City