06 February, 2017

Chasing The Enchanted Bukal Falls

Bukal Falls is hidden at the foot of Mt. Banahaw that is enclosed with mossy boulders and luscious forest. A total must-see beauty of Laguna that sometimes we tend to forget that there are wonders near our own backyard. We look too far that we didn't even realize the beauty of our own neighborhood. Until now I couldn't believe that northerners have their own miniature version of Surigao's Enchanted River. It was really enchanting that we all must discover. I've never seen such a thing in my life before! Surreal indeed.

*Getting there! Ride a DLTB or any bus bound to Sta. Cruz Laguna, the fare is roughly P140. Travel time is 2-4 hours. From the DLTB Sta.Cruz terminal station there are tricycles that can take you directly to Bukal Barangay Hall for P100/person and travel time is up to 45 minutes. We did not haggle though. Once you're there you can arrange for the tricycle to pick you up at your desired time. Less hassle.

*Don't forget to register and pay P20 for environmental fee and secure a tour guide for P300. Though you paid for a tour guide, don't let them carry all your stuff wag kang tamad! There are nearby stores where you can buy paluto na pansit or sisig. Bringing your own food is permitted too. 
Now freshen up and get ready for a one hour trek.

The pathway to the falls. The trail consists of a cemented path that transitioned into a thick forest, you can see horses along the way.

First stop over. There's a mini sari-sari store and I bought a fresh buko juice for P25 to keep me hydrated and get ready for another trek. Once you get nearer to the falls the trails become steeper slippery and muddy. Slow down and better be careful.

The way to a wild adventure.

There are two pools for swimming, both are crystal clear but freezing icy cold. The uppermost level is smaller but deeper than the lower basin. For a non-swimmer you can rent a life vest, I did not ask for the rental though. There's no restroom in here, the restrooms are in the sari-sari store or Brgy. Hall. and we also pitch our tent for our improvise cottage. 

It rained the other night and the flow of the water is heavy and can be dangerous. It's advisable to go here by summer or after the rainy season so you can see the clear aquamarine water. 

Isn't it majestic?

Learn to appreciate the nature and practice leave no trace policy. Wag kang magkalat!
Now let's find some beautiful place to get lost.