15 April, 2017

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Oh thanks God, must have heard when I prayed cause now I always want to feel this way. Amazing day.

I can't understand how happy I am that night. Amazing is just an understatement to describe what I felt because it was a dream come true for me to see them live. It has been a bucket list that is so impossible to tick, but I did.Can I just say I'm really not a fan way back. I was young and doesn't appreciate their genre. My older cousins is a huge fan already so I know some of their songs like Yellow and The Scientist. As I grew up with them I started to love Coldplay as much as they did.

Above all the songs, Fix You struck me the most and still my favorite up to now. It was the song that I always listened to during my weakest point. The song helped me to recover. It was last year the night when my mom died I couldn't sleep. I was crying all night and praying so hard to him to help my whole family heal. As I stopped sobbing I put my headset and my Spotify on shuffle. Then surprisingly Fix you started to play. I burst into tears as I realized God is talking to me directly through this song.
"Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones. I will try to fix you."
I told my good friend about my mom, he keeps up with me all night and said "What can I do to ease the pain you're feeling? Just let me know." Literally, tears streamed down my face because I remember it's exactly the same how the song was made. I had goosebumps and it touched every fiber of my being. So imagine why I was dying to see them perform here. Sobs! 😢

When they announced AHFOD Tour in Manila, I was teary eyed. From all the fan posters that I shared and hoax after hoax articles that I've read, finally, it's true! They are coming here!! I was so willing to sell my kidney for VIP tickets just to see them live haha! Joke po lemeng!

 But "Nobody said it was easy." The tickets are insanely expensive because Coldplay. We didn't get tix right away. From globe pre-sale up to the battle of nationwide selling, we failed. Then I accepted my fate that seeing them will remain just a dream. I was broken hearted because we're not talking about the fan-made posters anymore, it's a-real-concert-of-Coldplay!! So I went on and live my miserable life shattered with my ultimate dreams. Charot!

Until they announced that they're going to sell additional tickets on March 8! I cried when my boyfriend got a silver and send me a picture of the tickets. I know how much I prayed for this, to see them live and totoo na to may ticket na ko!!!! 
When you tried your best and you finally succeed! Whew! 

Fast forward to April 4! I took a half day from work just to go there as early as we could. EDSA sucks! Open gates at 5 pm and we got there exactly on time. I searched for the Coldplay merchandise booth and there's a long queue plus their t-shirts are too expensive, and we have to get a good spot for a better view so I ditched it anyway. Hamo nang walang tshirt! 

From the paasa blogs, buying the precious tickets, traffic at EDSA, long lines outside and waiting for hours to see them onstage has been paid off when the Xyloband lit up. May sukli pa! Eto naaaaaaaa! I screamed at the top of my lungs when they started singing A head full of dreams. Naiiyak ako sa saya!

"Oh I think I landed, in a world, I hadn't seen." 
- They really put us into that world they're talking about.

I thought I'm going to cry (like hagulgol levels) when they played Fix you but I didn't. Pero damang dama ko yun kanta. I was teary eyed though. I supposed to enjoy the song but I had to record the instrumental part. And every time I played it naiiyak ako! 

"So we'll soar luminous and wired, we'll be glowing in the dark."
The xylobands lit up to every beat of their songs and the crowd was just amazing as they are. Imagine the thousands of wristbands glowing is such a breathtaking view.

Every song has its own creative presentation. laser lights, glowing xylobands that synced with every song, butterfly and star confetti (which we didn't experience cause the view from the silver area was kinda shitty) giant balloons and colorful fireworks. Everything was astonishing and I can say that I got my money's worth!

After two hours of pure fun, partying and singing along with your co-fan is really a night to remember. It was a spectacular night! It was the most memorable moment of my life that I would cherish until my last breath. Terey! I was so emotionally high after the last song Up & Up. It feels like I was awaken from my daydream.

 Seeing them perform live is definitely one for the books and I couldn't contain my happiness. No one can pull off a concert like Coldplay did. They are so sensational!! They even made an impromptu song for the Philippines! I don't know how long this concert hangover will last, maybe a week, months, years? Naah! Forever to bes! Hearing their songs will never be the same again, iba  kase talaga yun feeling eh sabi nga ni boyfie 

Thank you so much, Coldplay!